Get Help with Alcohol Abuse Rehab

What is Alcohol Abuse?

Previously a psychiatric diagnosis, alcohol abuse is now defined as alcohol use disorder. It involves the recurring use of alcohol, despite drastic and often life-threatening side effects. Binge drinking and daily routine drinking are often used as examples, though alcoholics are sometimes split up into two separate groups. One group involves those with anti-social and pleasure seeking personalities. The other group stems from those suffering from anxiety issues and can’t control their drinking once they get started. This usually leads to alcohol dependence if left untreated, and there are severe side effects that are joined by tolerance and physical withdrawal symptoms.

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What is Dependence?

Three of the following seven criteria need to be experienced over a year’s time for someone to be proclaimed a dependent on alcohol. This includes tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, taking larger amounts during longer periods of use, the constant craving for alcohol, time spent obtaining or recovering, sacrificing social activities and continuing to abuse the substance despite the negative consequences.

Getting Treatment

There are a slew of treatment options available for people suffering from alcoholism. A patient with a physical addiction will usually require detox and medication therapy, and this goes along with a range of rehabilitation programs that are then initiated to treat the on-setting symptoms of alcoholism.

For Dallas residents, Addiction Drug Rehab Dallas has many psychotherapies available. These include behavioral therapy, 12-step programs, music therapy, art therapy, family therapy, yoga and exercise therapy, and much more.

There are a wide array of problems associated with alcohol consumption. Treatment is necessary to keep people from consuming, and Addiction Drug Rehab Dallas has exceptional programs available. We offer both short-term and long-term treatment solutions, and amazing staff that go the extra mile to ensure your triumph in getting better.

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