Sauna Based Detox: How does it Work?

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Detoxification Treatment


If you are suffering from a serious health problem, and if you are caught by addiction, a detoxification program will be very helpful for you. But, how does one go about it, safely and effectively? Choosing the right detoxification program is very essential.

If you have been struggling from substance addiction, you may consider decreasing the toxins in your body through sweating. Most of us are aware that detoxification is necessary in order to have a good health. When you were abusing drugs or alcohol, your body has been exposed to dozens of compound chemicals that must be removed from your body. However, with today’s toxic environment, you may not be able to eliminate all the unwanted chemicals in your body without sauna therapy.

Though it is common to know that chemicals are stored in the body, especially if someone is abusing drugs or alcohol, few of us are aware that drug remains stuck within the body’s tissue.  If a person is abusing drugs, his/her body becomes damaged with the remaining drugs.

Saunas are best known for flushing out the toxins that were developed in your body’s fat cells. Your kidneys are known to be the powerhouses of detoxification, and the extreme sweating you can get while in the sauna can actually remove one-third of the chemicals that your kidneys eliminate from your circulatory system.  Saunas improve flow and oxygenate the tissues. They open the nasal sections and help the sinuses to channel. However, many people’s skin is idle and they don’t sweat. This is because of the tight clothing that does not blow. Inactive lifestyle and sun damage could also be one of the reasons.  Chemicals such as lotions, creams, soaps and deodorants may also be the reason of having inactive skin.

Saunas make people sweat and the major benefits of sauna come from intense sweating. The body eliminates the unwanted waste compounds through sweating. Substance abuse professionals assessed that sweat can hold a large variety of toxins, which may include the varied elements of pesticides and heavy metals.  The process of detox speeds up. The process includes “lipolysis” process that accelerates the body’s interruption of fat tissues. The mobilization process will then follow which releases the toxins that were locked in the fatty tissues. Some of these toxins are eliminated by sweating through the skin. While some, are removed by bloodstream thru carrying to the liver and the kidneys.  Clearly, sauna does not only help in removing chemicals through sweating, it also mobilizes the chemicals. A good nutritional support and sufficient hydration will help the person in handling a sauna detox properly.

The benefits of Sauna based Detox may include the following:

  • Raising the body temperature to cure the infections faster
  • Heating the tissues that enhances the metabolic processes
  • Produces greater cellular energy that facilitates the healing process
  • Tolerates heat poorly
  • Improve endurance
  • May reduce the incidence of Cold
  • Assists detoxification
  • Stronger heart muscle contractions
  • Increased fat metabolism that results in weight loss

Every addicted person who is interested in having a healthy living should consider a detox program. Most substance abuse professionals suggest that it is better to undergo detox in a medically supervised environment in order to maintain the proper diet, exercise, and supplementation and to promote the comprehensive detox process.

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